FUCK dogs
FUCK cats
FUCK birds
FUCK fish
FUCK trees 
FUCK the beach 
FUCK your nature strip 
FUCK your homes and gardens 
FUCK your 4 wheel drive 
FUCK your sports ute 
FUCK your BMW  
FUCK your vintage rolls 
FUCK your Vincent black lightning 
FUCK your 38 ford v8 chopper  
FUCK your laws and orders 
FUCK your jails and mental institutions 
FUCK your terrorist paranoia 
FUCK your rich fat inflated new age self-lovin’ paraphernalia 
FUCK self-avoiding finger-pointing victim thrust 
FUCK yr dirty looks 
FUCK your dirty minds 
FUCK your finger lickin bubblin-under suppressed paedophilia 
FUCK the stupid flag 
FUCK nostalgia 
FUCK Australia 
FUCK your bank accounts 
FUCK credit extensions 
FUCK your hypertension 
FUCK your gold card wine rack 
FUCK you right up the crack between your stupefied day job   and your late night porno movie wank 
FUCK your mortgage 
FUCK your semi-legal drugs 
FUCK meth ice crack smack 
FUCK your feel good pills 
FUCK your crucifixion bloodlust 
FUCK yr endless paranoia about drug busts 
FUCK yr clothing that just about covers up your monstrous self-loathing 
FUCK yr beliefs 
FUCK your god 
FUCK trust 
FUCK lust 
FUCK madness  
FUCK sadness 
FUCK the rich and 
FUCK the poor 
FUCK your illness 
FUCK your secret lies 
FUCK compassion 
FUCK your mission 
FUCK aggression 
FUCK your permission to fill in what’s missin with 50 fucking fucks 
FUCK circumcision 
FUCK seduction  
FUCK rape 
FUCK sodomy  
Fuck FUCK 
FUCK old people 
FUCK kids 
FUCK racism 
FUCK political correctives 
FUCK shock jocks with tiny fuckin cocks 
FUCK life 
FUCK your wife 
FUCK the world 
FUCK your girl 
FUCK you yeah FUCK you yeah FUCK you 
FUCK poetry 
FUCK this venue 
FUCK Byron Bay
FUCK the councillors  
FUCK the mayor 
FUCK pussy whipped employees everywhere 
FUCK everything not included here 
FUCK this poem 
FUCK never saying FUCK 
And if you don’t agree